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A spectacular Battle Royale against giant robots


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Super Mecha Champions is a multiplayer action game that's similar to PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and Garena Free fire. Once again, you're facing off against up to 100 opponents until only one person is left alive, but there's a slight twist. You get to feel the thrill of exciting, non-stop matches as you jump behind the controls of gigantic robots -- just like in Evangelion.

As might be expected, gameplay in Super Mecha Champions is also similar to other battle royale titles. It's up to you to survive and outlast all your enemies on an island that gets smaller and smaller as you play. In order to survive you'll need to pick up as many weapons as you can, scattered all over the island. Keep your wits about you to keep yourself alive as long as possible and watch out not to spend too much time outside the playing area, as that'll finish off your health bar pretty quickly.

The main difference in this video game in regards to other similar titles consists in the possibility to take over controls of a posse of giant robots. In fact, each of the characters from Super Mecha Champions can invoke their own mecha to battle from within it. In order to activate this power, you'll need to wait until the marker is full up, though you can get it to load faster by picking up certain select items or by wiping out your rivals. Invoking this robot makes your survival percentage increase exponentially thanks to the huge destruction capabilities it can wield.

Super Mecha Champions is an excellent battle royale. It has enough of its own personal charm to stand out from the crowd of similar games, making for an all and all outstanding game with anime esthetics and spectacular graphics. Jump into a world of non-stop action that you'll enjoy either on your own or in teams.
By Erika Okumura
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